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Note to the following few: there is new material in each of the pages. It will serve you well - if you actually enjoy the material - to reread what's already been written; think of it as a review of sorts. I've taken some time to go back and recollect, add some kinks, some bends... things. Wait. Come to think of it, there's really not much that's been changed, just a couple words here and there. Where there were things taken and put on different pages, there's links to the next page and maybe a few words scattered about for explanation. I'm not going to do the Woody Allen dance and literally crucify myself in front of you, I'm just saying, don't lose any sleep over



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November - Belize through Mal Pais, Costa Rica




August 2, 2005, midnight:


I tell myself I will write every day. I will sleep without guilt. Cry in the solitude of self. Surf in the crumbling, tumbling tubes of the Caribbean, Pacific, Atlantic. I quit my job on the 12th of July, sold my house on the 8th. A garage sale over the 4th of July weekend deleted all the materialistic crap I never used and put the rest in storage. I plan to leave for a year. A year is sufficient. I bought a car I can sleep in. My friend Sue will take care of Rizada, the best cat in the world. I won't apologize for typo's; they are inevitable. Ruby, pictured above, will be at my side for the trip. The plan…




A lot of people don't seem to understand the concept of a fairly non-descript itinerary. It goes like:

Where are you going?

I don't know… I want to scuba with whale sharks. I think I can do that in Belize. And I want to surf the longest left point break in the world; I think that's in Peru.

When are you going?

I don't know… when I get finished with the things I need to get done. Could I get a shower from you? You got a towel?... I have soap.

I wouldn't drive your new car if I were you, you'll get kidnapped by narcoterrorists and held for ransom. Why would you do that to your parents?!?

(fantasy): Do you talk about Friday night twenty-something single male drunk driving fatality statistics before people get in cars, regardless of whether they are male or drunk?

A daily reprieve to omit unnecessary words.


I just received a tandem surfboard I had custom made by Bob, from Gorge Performance (www.gorgeperformance.com). It's 11'2" long, built for me and a small human or a big dog. God willing, Ruby will be a good sport and indulge me in some unconditional love as I will attempt at captaining the tanker down the coast at full trim.


I found a used Epiphone Thunderbird 5-string bass online (www.starvingmusician.com). It should be arriving in the next couple of days. Same style bass that John "the Ox" Entwistle from the Who played back in the day). It's light blue with a pearloid pickguard. I'm bringing a 50w battery powered 2-channel cheapie amp that I'll be playing through when I get some solid material together… God willing.


Surfing, playing bass, writing, painting, running, eating, sleeping, and a few other of Maslow's needs.


I'm planning on leaving on the third week of August, give or take a couple days. I'll be gone between three months and the rest of my life. Today I'm open to the world. Yesterday I allowed the world to hurt me, pull the foundation out from underneath me, made me open my eyes real big and realize I was living my life for someone else's dream who denied the dream when the world became real. Some things will never make sense to me. Today I don't have to understand.




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