Hole in my hip, hole in my head


A hole in my hip

& I slipped

hydro leak

oil streak


negligent skipper

slipper skipper


a wallowing sea

a following sea


The only day I wheezed-

expurgated gut

bioluminescent bile

seasonal glut.


I lost my love

my hands miss the glove...

tying clove

bolon strove

with myriad forces

a safety net of knots.


Now only memories

my brain breeze

waxing phosphorescence

I miss the cold, cracked, calloused mits

I cry in fits

@ my fate


The one thing I did well

in swell

smell of coffee grinding

diesel blinding

rhythms lulled


the bloop sloosh bloop



of a boat afloat


lucid, languidity

piss boner


in the two hour cat nap



Cut bait

Bait skate

Set gear

Fight fear

Hook in palm...




In the sky

the lost soul albatross,

shearwater, petrel,

A token songbird-

How the hell'd Tweety get out here?


Fear disappears


With the sweat off my back

I had the knack

& now fishing-

my love I lack

& I'll never get my hip back





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