Phase A-Existing Foundation Demolition & Excavation

Phase B-Foundation Pours/Structural Racking

Phase C-Utilities & Rough Framing Install

Phase D-Paint & Trimout

Phase E-Oblique Coffee Roasters TI




Oblique Coffee Roasters




Tenant Improvement



January 24, 2009: Buster the Beagle showing the true demon hellspawn that dwells within his food crazed pea of a brain.



February 28, 2009: Picking up Bart from the Raleigh Hills garage he'd been quietly sitting in, neglected and collecting dust. 1,300 pounds of German steel is definitely girth-worthy!






Bart safe & sound in his new digs.


The grunt crew L-R, T-B: Noob-D (David), Fujaku (Antoinimus Didecti), Pops, Hedduh, and some guy with weird glasses.


July 22, 2009: We were nominated by Willamette Week as the "Best Labor of Love!!!!!". OOOOOOOHHHHHHH.......... AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH.


Willamette Week's Best of for 2009


November 25, 2009: taking delivery of our first pallet of coffee. There apparently is no easy way to pick up a 130 pound bag of coffee.





November, 2009: The ongoing progression of the totally awesome sales counter / cabinet array. so suhweet!






Coveting figured walnut that nobody notices but me.



Checking relative squareness with a capital "relative," and Heather looking cute block sanding flat sawn fir.



Hedduh contemplating "relative" squareness, and the byproduct of a "dead nuts on square" lap joint.



      More negligible progression, and then, ..., it happened - the final nail is driven; or so he thought.


      December 7, 2009: The start of the Phillipine mahogany countertop installation! Woo-hoo!!!





Hedduh the goof, goofing, and Hedduh caught with her hand in the putty jar.



The original interior cellar door we found inside a wall.


December 10, 2009: Justin "Aceman" Johnson and Pops firing up Bart for the first time. Over the next six weeks, we eventually tore out virtually the entire gas train and replaced it with a newer, modern gas control system.



January 16, 2010: Hedduh with the final touch-up paint, and one last pose in her construction ensemble before the opening on the 18th...



Would you let this man open a business in your neighborhood?


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