Phase A-Existing Foundation Demolition & Excavation

Phase B-Foundation Pours/Structural Racking

Phase C-Utilities & Rough Framing Install

Phase D-Paint & Trimout

Phase E-Oblique Coffee Roasters TI




October 26, 2007, 11:05 PM - In my parent's guest bed:


It's been awhile. Kind of like my sit-up / push-up regimen. Maybe that's why I have small boobs. Well..., ..., ..., ..., ..., ........................................................................................

Last time I checked the binding contract I signed with my trusty foundation / structural contractor, it said that their scope of work would take approximately three months time to complete. Yes, funny you should ask. I think it's been somewhere on the order of six months. And they're still not finished. Just last week began the actual install of new work. Mostly new window & door openings, the start of a new twin pack commercial electrical service....., yep, that's about it. I've lost about fifteen or so pounds, which is good. Since I've been waiting to actually do the much needed work that I budgeted myself doing, thinking that I would have the time to cut my teeth learning the basics of rough framing, sheet rock, etc..., I've been running and biking quite a bit. I figure this schedule compression that these f'ing guys are pulling is costing me some where in the area of twenty to thirty grand, when you consider that now I don't have the time to do a lot of the work myself, so I'll have to hire larger companies to come in and knock big chunks of work out.


What I can say is this: the building is straight East to West within a 1/2" + / - variance, which is incredible, considering that most new houses are built within the similar tolerances. The final concrete pour for the tops of the North & South walls and the 2' x 8" concrete pilaster columns that extend from the top of the North foundation wall and ties into the first floor ceiling 8" x 16" glu-lam beam network is scheduled for next Tuesday. I have a brand new concrete floor in the basement, haven't gotten the exterior stairwell yet, but they're probably 90% complete on the interior stairwell going into the basement - a big, completely overbuilt rustic grade solid fir 4" x 12" slab style stairwell - looks like it belongs in an old warehouse or something.


We have no heat. No plumbing save the last of the existing sink drain for a sink so that we can do dishes. The toilets are gone. 99% of the lathe & plaster walls have been demo'd and removed. We are most likely moving into the little trailer out back next to the "Honey Bucket" for a couple weeks until we can lock down the basement (install all the windows and the exterior door). It is rough, and I'm apparently more of a wussy than Heather, because it's been so cold (37 the other morning until about 11), that I don't want to make anything for breakfast or lunch. But I always have energy for the espresso. Maybe that's why I've lost a few pounds. It's that or the anxiety. I will attempt to knock out 200 sit-ups and 100 push-ups daily. Update the website. Eat breakfast before 10. Put my clothes away after I've worn them. Put my tools away after I've used them. Kiss Heather (my fiance, yay!) at least once a day. Tell her I love her. Play bass. Study music. Read book. Seek to understand instead of trying to be understood.

November 03, 2007, 09:16 AM - Mis Parientes Casa:


I just received an email from one of my mother's cousins, nicknamed "Turbo Bob." I remember being a little kid and sitting in the back of his 70's era Porsche Turbo. Remember the one's with the whale tails? It was anthracite grey - such a gut wrenching (literally in the corners) cool car. The kids in the neighborhood would come out and stare, especially when he'd bring his other race cars on flat bed trailers and park them in front of the house for different events he'd be in the area for. He's been one of the loyal readers of this website since it's inception, and was wondering when I was going to update - he wanted to know what the status of the project and all that boom shaka-laka boom.


So...., here's the coming two week outlook:

11.03.07 & 11.04.07 (Saturday & Sunday) - top off pop's trailer with a portion of the remaining garbage left behind in the attic; take it to the dump. Launch all of the remaining garbage and scrap wood picture mouldings from the attic off the top of the sleeping porch roof into the backyard for future dump & Habitat for Humanity charitable donation runs. Demo the remaining exterior drain / vent stacks from the original plumbing system; load the pile of scrap metal in the back yard; take it to Metro Metals NW. Sweep through from top to bottom and do a rough clean up, clearing the future plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and insulation pathways so that they aren't impacted by all of the stuff laying around. Spray new noxious weed growth with roundup before backfill on Monday.

11.05.07 - (Monday) - Finish estimates for new siding material and rough framing lumber requirements; borrow buddy's truck with the lumber rack - procure. Lay out walls and stage materials for carpenter. Foundation guys final concrete pour 11:00 AM - as figger'd, double the time they said it'd take, but I'm not complaining!!!

11.06.07 - (Tuesday) - If the backfill is complete & compacted up to the level of the future window wells on the East wall (I've got three glass block vented windows to mortar in place plus the window wells), then I'll install those. If not, I can only imagine the many things I could possible do in the meantime.

11.08.07 (Thursday) - Rough carpenter on site installing basement and first floor ADA bathroom framing + utility closets.

11.12.07 (Monday) - Plumber on site installing 100% new system

11.15.07 (Thursday) - HVAC tech friend on site installing 100% new system. NW Natural Gas on site installing new gas service.


I can't really schedule anything beyond the primary utility installs. We've got a good electrician that works with my Uncle who is very knowledgable about residential / commercial low voltage systems. Due to the potential tagging of the building, I want to put in a CCTV camera system hooked up to my "command center" PC, to hopefully discourage the stupid gang youth of the area to piss on my beautiful exterior walls. I've considered a shotgun stakeout on Friday and Saturday nights in the bushes across the street, but that is simply a fool's folly. I've resigned myself to the fact that the building will get tagged sooner than later. Once it does, I'm going to find an artist to come and do a graffiti mural over the tagged areas (I do like good graffiti art). Hopefully the idiots can at least respect that and not piss on my building with their sad, primitial renderings. The other mitigating idea is to plant timber / thicket bamboo along the East wall which is where they've historically tagged. I'll be recycling a lot of the cedar boards of the old fence, reframe it, and build a patchwork type fence with salvaged wood from the project. We'll paint the boards multi-colored, so if the fence gets tagged, it's not a clear coated, unpainted fence. Like I said before, I know it will happen at some point, so my design needs to account for the stupid male, pissing with black spray paint illegible tribal markings on historic and pretty wood & concrete.


Maybe a shotgun with rocksalt? motion activated motorized & turret mounted shotgun with rocksalt!


I refuse to do the blog format thing. What an incredibly stupid idea. Hey, I'll tell you what. To help the poor, defenseless reader utilize the remaining scraps of time left in their already ravaged and over committed schedule, what say we flip the script, as it were, turn the bedrock of the literary foundation on it's ear, and put the most recent information on top, so the precious and fragile reader doesn't have to..... scroll f'ing down! Jesus t.tty, how idiotic have we become? We still read left to right, top to bottom. We still read left to right, top to bottom! You still have to scroll down. You still have to scroll down! Bovinimus bipedalis erectus. Bovinimus bipedalis erectus!

- having qualities (as placidity or dullness) characteristic of oxen or cows.

- the condition of having two feet or of using only two feet for locomotion.

- vertical in position; also : characterized by firm or rigid straightness in bodily posture <an erect bearing> : being in a state of physiological ERECTION.


November 18, 2007, 08:09 PM - In our building, in bed, with no heat, and no plumbing:


Expectations breed premeditated resentments. Yesssss. Not much to report, save that I've finally taken the time to update the website. The plumber is probably 50% complete on the rough-in. HVAC guy to be here on the 26th of November. I'm getting over the flu, and have been slowly and consistently "trooping" it through the bottom, as it were. Can't get much lower. Only way to go is up we reckon. Heather is a better sport than me. I'm apparently a wuss when it comes to putting up with the construction dirt, lack of heat, etc... Here's some pictures of the project with a few captions to explain what you're looking at.



Foundation Footing Form-Up / Concrete Pour Pix


Foundation Footing Form-Up / Concrete Pour Pix


Foundation Footing Form-Up / Concrete Pour Pix


Slabs of the big Elm that was growing into the old basement foundation; my friend Mike and I are slabbing some of the salvage wood for future signs, tables, chairs, etc...


Newly stripped foundation walls! Yay!!! And..., Dan, Dorfus the skater, and Tim the dirtbag moving the new 16" glu-lam support beam into place in the basement.





Mis amigos George (whore-hey) y Arturo demoing all the old lathe & plaster walls. The pictures of the Preferred stock canned goods and the wallpaper are the original victorian wallpapers we found under the layers - pretty cool!!!



Basement concrete floor pour day. F'ing finally.


The new, interior basement stairwell. F'ing finally.


New (for the building) five panel victorian parlour doors we found at a salvage place outside of town. They fit the original jamb perfectly. Yay!!!!!

Last touches before the concrete pilaster pour.


Stuff in the walls



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