Phase A-Existing Foundation Demolition & Excavation

Phase B-Foundation Pours/Structural Racking

Phase C-Utilities & Rough Framing Install

Phase D-Paint & Trimout

Phase E-Oblique Coffee Roasters TI




June 28, 2007, 2:50 PM - In the Landauer Building:


Son of a nutcracker, I got it!!! And I've been a whirling dervish since the closing day, which was I believe March fifth. I haven't taken the time to sit and update this here page of ether, so we've got some catching up to do. Lessee... big building..., big project..., just got a front page story in the local newspaper (see below)..., found some 19th century sterling silver in the 130 yard pile of garbage the previous owner left behind. Found a piece of antique walrus tusk scrimshaw, bunches of stuff - WWI or II bayonets, uniforms, pictures, picture frames, a completely sealed bottle of "snake oil elixir" from the early nineteen hundreds (or earlier), a mink, otter, or weasel shoulder wrap in really good condition. Found the arms of a cat that looked like they've been removed by a pretty sharp knife. found a cat mummy in the basement (but it's got arms), found the largest rat's nest I'll ever want to see (had around a half dozen mummies in it)- I guess too much to list.


The work completed to date: 85% of the garbage removed (a bit left up in the attic), elm tree growing into the basement removed), all trees minus a walnut to be removed later have been excised, new roof, new gutters, building has been rigged for racking, the foundation has been removed, the excavation has been completed, and the foundation / structural guys are setting up for the perimeter footing pour for this coming Tuesday. I've got the interior design relatively nailed down (i.e., sinks, faucets, fixtures, countertops, etc...), and am patiently waiting for the building to be once again on a solid foundation and squared up all plumb to the world and shit so that we can add the few closets that will allow the building to be appraised in the bank's eyes as a single family, three bedroom, one and a half bathroom house, (nudge nudge, wink, wink).


I guess there's not much more to say... I'm a little unnerved that I'm not working currently, and that my savings is going at a very quick clip, but hey, I'll have a beautiful (dog willing) building ready to carve a new future for myself and little family.








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