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February 27, 2009, 9:24 PM - On a plane:


This is the moment I finally got around to re-torquing my website since the notebook hard drive failure a long time ago. I think it had to have been back in like, November of 2007, which makes sense, because it is the last date I could find on the site.


So, for those of you who don't know what happened, I got really messed up close to a year ago (March 6th, 2008), while I was on my motorcycle, minding my own business, travelling at like, 30 MPH among a throng of traffic on a two lane, one-way road, when a car pulled out into the two oncoming lanes of traffic directly in front of me- I didn't have a chance.

The impact shattered my left wrist - my first and hopefully last compound (open - meaning bones were sticking out... ewwww!!!!!!!!!!) fracture at my left wrist; a year later and it's not even fifty percent of what it was. They put a bunch of pins, screws and a titanium plate in it to stabilize while it healed. I had the hardware taken out. The plate (titanium - pretty cool), is on my keychain - the pins and screws are in a bottle in my desk.

I broke my back at L-1. It's a compression fracture, so it's like the right side of the L-1 vertebrae is now about 1/3 shorter than the left side. Potential for the leaning tower of Pisa. Getting old and fat concurrently is now no longer an option.

the first time I fractured my left ribs was my first attempt surfing down in Costa Rica in 1993. The second was during a really bad coughing bout when I had pneumonia in like, 2001 or 2002. I realized I had refractured my ribs (it wasn't picked up on any of the x-ray, MRI's, or CT scans while I was in the hospital) while I was giving myself a good, thorough scratching of the IV morphine itchies. The lower part of my left rib cage crackled and gave way (another ewwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

The refracturing of my fibula in my lower right leg was a standard clean snap. They put me in a fiberglass walking cast for three months. The first and only time I fractured my right fibula was during Mt. Bachelor free ski day back in 1991. I was snowboarding on an alpine / plate binding / hard plastic boot style snowboard - It broke right at the top of the boot cuff.

Internal bleeding most likely in my right kidney. I stopped peeing blood on the third day (I think).

Head trauma (head went through the back window of the car). The day I was discharged from the hospital, they tested my memory retention. Short term memory was down to the third percentile. So, the next time you think to yourself: "he's not listening to me; what a dick." It's not like that - I just can't remember anything to save my life.

Dislocated index and ring fingers on my right hand. On the way to the ER was my first relatively conscious moment. I remember opening my eyes, trying to lift my head, realizing I was strapped down and could not move. I remember realizing that I was on the Fremont bridge heading for Legacy Emanuel, the hospital my mother works at in day surgery. The only thing I could move was my right lower arm. I didn't have my glasses on (they apparently broke inside my helmet), but I remember looking at my hand and realizing that my right ring finger was hyper-extended backwards at the first knuckle. I remember looking at the paramedic that was sitting next to me. I could'nt really talk because I partially bit through my tongue, but I remember talking to him, motioning to my finger. He looked at it, grabbed it, and cracked it back into position. I realized that both fingers had been damaged during IV morphine scratching sessions when my index finger at the first joint hyper-extended and I had to relocate it back into position along with my ring finger more than once.

Two foot blood clot in my right leg brought on by the trauma to my body, coupled with laying in a hospital bed for a week. I'm not going to go into how blood clots form, except to say that they're the second leading cause of death in the U.S., according to one report, if not the main cause, they totally suck, and I've got one for life supposedly behind my knee, won't go away, my vascular system in my right leg is permanently damaged, I've got gross, blown out veins all over my right leg now, and it's the one thing out of the entire accident that's a daily reminder how lucky I am, and blah, blah, blah...

A series of three pulmonary emboli broke off of the clot, travelled through my heart in the middle of the night, and lodged themselves deep in my lung. These suck actually worse than the clot itself, so I take the previous statement back how much clots suck - emboli's suck even worse. My lung where the scar tissue from the emboli stopped still hurts periodically - I try not to think about future complications with those things.

Anything I forgot, I blame on the head trauma.

I'm lucky I guess. I can walk, run, I can do push ups, my tongue thatched up, fingers don't dislocate when I'm scratching my butt - it could be worse, right?

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