November 23, 2009, 8:34 PM - : In front of the toob & the Jotul!


So... It's been a long time. First, my hard drive crashed, then one thing after another and here I am, sitting next to my beautiful newlywed wife Heather in front of a 40" LCD wallmounted flatscreen, with a toasty fire in our seventies era Jotul woodstove that looks like one of those Easter Island figure heads. I know that people have been curious about what we've been doing with regard to the Landauer Mercantile project, so here's the update with pictures... There's additional data under #3, and then there's #4... the day my life was irrevocably altered. And...!!!, !!!, ..., !!! !!!, there's a link to our new boutique coffee roastery - Oblique Coffee Roasters!


1. The Sabbatical Surf Trip

2. My Term in Phoenix, Arizona - "The Valley Of Hell"

3. Landauer Mercantile Renovation (the page may take a minute to load... be patient)

     Phase A: Existing Foundation Demolition & Excavation - Structural Preparation

     Phase B: Foundation Pours / Structural Racking - The Beginning Of "The Install Phase"

     Phase C: Utilities - Rough Framing Install

     Phase D: Paint & Trimout

     Phase E: Oblique Coffee Roaster TI

4. 03.06.08 Momo Bang Bang

5. obliquecoffeeroasters.com


And if you really want to see from the inside...






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